A Wife’s Confexxxion

My name is Jowee and I married my husband 2 years ago. It was fantastic, it was beautifully perfect and it was all I could ever
wished for. But everything changed when I gave birth to our son. The flame that we once shared and the passion and bliss that
we were once drowning in subsided and seemingly dried.

It would sometime take 2 months before he would even touch me. And for the times that we share intimate times, it felt
like it was just out of obligation and necessity. It wasn’t as hot as it used to be. Maybe he doesn’t find me
as sexy as before giving birth or perhaps he’d found another woman that satisfies him in bed. Whatever the reason was,
I didn’t take so much time to investigate. I actually didn’t even care for a long time.

The reason why maybe the fact that I found refuge from our cold relationship in another man. A boy at that actually. He was a help in our house and is
actually a younger distant cousin of my husband. I’m staying at home to take care of our kid and he is also staying with us taking care
of our household needs. We started talking each day and sharing thoughts and the connection ran deeper and we finally crossed the line one day.

It was a chilly summer night and my husband called telling me that they were going on a business trip and would be gone for another day.
I was feeling a little horny and was about ready to try and pleasure myself. As I was touching myself, I noticed that Jay was peeping on the side of the door.
I glanced his way and our eyes connected, he immediately hid and I called up to him. And that was the start of it.

Even until now, the occassional intimacy continue. My husband can live his life like that, and I would not even care anymore.

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