I Kissed a Girl…

A kiss, to some people it holds a lot of meaning, a lot of weight and is quite invaluable. While to others, it may just be a simple gesture without so much strings attached. 

For me, it’s still a symbol of affection and an expression of feelings towards another person. But there is one particular kiss I cherish, not because I’ve shared it with the “one” but because it started something in me and it opened me to a whole new world. And this, is my confexxxion. 

College days…

It was back when I was in my third year of college when I met Jane. We shared a subject together and would often share a bus ride home since we both live east bound the university. The familiarity between us grew easily since we’re both girls who loves fun. 
And this is why I never hesitated when she invited me over to spend the night with her other 2 friends. I immediately agreed since it was the last day of examination week and I have been longing for some ways to unwind. 

We met up at a club and went dancing and drinking for over an hour. It was a pretty fun girls night out. With the four of us dressed to impressed boys were hanging around offering drinks and themselves to us. We just declined and continued the blissful innocent night we are having. 
Since the club was getting cramped, we decided to continue our alcohol intake at Jane’s house. We grabbed a couple bottles of tequila and some lime on our way. 

Body Shots…

As we were drinking and gossiping about our lives, Jane suggested body shots. The others agreed. I interjected in wonder “wait, we’re all girls here. Wouldn’t that be awkward?” They all looked to each other in response and told me that everything’s just fine and it was as exciting with other girls as it is with boys. 

I went along with it hesitantly, but the power of liquor is something I don’t think no one could resist. It started quite fun and normal… a lick of salt from the hand, a sip of tequila from the navel and a bit of lime juice from our hand. 

Shot after shot we went from the navel to the neck and then the kissing action begun. Jane’s friends started french kissing each other and then laughed. Jane was also laughing and they continued like it was nothing and this time they got handsy with each other’s almost exposed body. 

My First Kiss…

Jane looked at me and smile. She slowly moved closer and held my hand. She stared deeply into my eyes and raised another hand to touch my face, she whispered “it’s okay” before planting a deep soft kiss unto my lips. I was frozen in time and couldn’t even reactat first. Her breath drenched with the sour stingy scent of lime but her lips were so tender and sweet. After few attempts of her tongue licking my lips, my mouth swayed in and moved as if on its own. Within the next minute we were fully making out. 

It was a fun night and we all spent the night in her bedroom. That also wasn’t the first time. As I reflect today, I can say that it may be the kiss that open the spectrum world for me and I am now an open bisexual. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a good dick inside of me as often as possible but I wouldn’t mind it much whatever someone has beneath their pants

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