My Wife’s Girlfriend

Hi! Just call me John and I would just like to share my first and my only experience with two ladies at the same time as my confexxxion. 

It has been one of those lazy days at work. Just responding to emails and setting up schedules for the next week. I was excited to go home and was anticipating a steamy night with my wife. We were married just a few months ago and you can say that we are still on that honeymoon stage. She was away for 3 whole days for a business trip and the excitement I had pent-up is slowly killing my balls and causing my stomach to ache.

As I drove to our carport I already noticed that our lights were on and I knew that she’s already home. I walked briskly to the front door and was ready to skip dinner altogether and as I opened the door there she was seated cozily on our couch with a glass of wine on her hand and happily conversing with a visitor. Although my plans seemed to crumbled to the ground, I did not feel disappointed or anything, in fact I remember feeling amazed. The visitor was a lady our age and seemed to be my wife’s colleague. The guest was mesmerizing at first glance, and looked even more beautiful when you examine her closer. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and I adore her with all of me, but the lady next to her is on a whole new level. “Hey John! Welcome home, this is Joan.” Said my wife Lizzy. “We met at the convention and she was just a few blocks away. We decided to get drinks but we’re just too tired to go to a bar so we decided to just hang out here. You wouldn’t mind, would you?” she asked although it was not really a question. If you’re a married man, you already know what I mean. I greeted Joan with a warm smile to make her feel welcome and she heeded back with a sweet and gentle acknowledgement. And right then and there, even if I was too old to do so, I thought I developed a crush on this woman.

I put away my things and grabbed a beer and told them that I’d be in our room so not to disturb them. “Oh no, just join us here dear. Joan wouldn’t mind.” Joan and I shared a look that almost in a synced wave. My wife really has a way of persuasion with her. I sat beside my wife and she wrapped her arms around one of mine and leisurely continued talking with Joan. I was occasionally asked to join the conversation and I gladly did and it turned to a three-way conversation which was fun aside from me trying to control my persistent boner. I could smell the faint perfume my wife wears and the glimpse of their breasts as they laugh through silly jokes sends my head to a different world of agony. Since my wife was snuggling against me, she noticed the bulge between my legs when she bumped it with her arm. She gave me a quick glance and smiled playfully. Damn, is she drunk? I examined the bottle and it was nearly empty. I don’t know what to feel, lucky or in trouble. I exchange glances and smiles with Joan shyly whenever our eyes met.

I was 3 bottles deep, them 2 and the conversation bounced around from their trip, our jobs, funny and experiences and adventures. It was all fun and innocent until my wife broke it by asking if Joan was attracted to me, and then proceeded to ask what type of man she likes to do it with. Apparently she was not married and just broken up with a boyfriend a month ago. Joan and I looked at each other and she told her that I was okay. As in “Okay”. I did not know how to react and I really did not know what she meant. Was I really just okay? Or… yeah man! I’m Okay. Lizzy looked up at me and smirked, “John’s not okay. He’s the best.” She then reached with her lips and kissed me. I was surprised but I did not fight it, matter of fact I felt challenged and pressured to give the best kiss I can with a spectator on our side. As our lips parted, I noticed for a bit that Joan tried to look away but was surely looking at us when she gently bit her lip as she turned. Lizzy caught it and called her out. “You find that hot Joan?” she asked with a mischievous smile. “Have you ever kissed a girl? She followed. I don’t know what’s going on, was it the spirit, their trip or what but I have watched too much pornography to keep my hopes up.

Joan was a little shy but from what I see and heard from our talk she was the type that is kind of go with the flow and was game to try things out. My wife stood up and approached Joan, the next second she was kissing her and our visitor was kissing back. I was so shocked to even react. When they were done, they just started laughing and I went along with it. My mind was suddenly on a blur for the next thing I can remember is them kissing aggressively again, but this time they were trying to get each other of their clothes. I did not know what to do in that situation, but I followed my penis which was eager to join in and helped Joan in undressing my wife. I join the kissing action with caressing Lizzy’s neck with my lips as my hand traveled from her waist to her breasts.

My hardened penis bumped Joan’s hands which were wrapped around Lizzy’s butt. “Honey, I want it. Put it in.” my wife said almost begging. I helped her out of her pantsuit and took my pants off too. A happy wife is a happy life so I obliged. With my hard-rock penis I took her from the back. Her groan was muffled by Joan’s voluptuous breast. I looked up to Joan and saw that she was enjoying being sucked by my wife. Her breasts were too beautiful for me to resist so I tried to reach one of them. As I touched them, a whole new sensation came upon me, I have not touched another woman since I seriously dated Lizzy, it has already been 6 years since I have seen another naked lady with my own two eyes. Joan moved closer to me to kissed me. My wife was too occupied to even pay attention to us. Joan got rid of the rest of her garments and sat on the armrest of our couch. She revealed a thin bushy pussy and was inviting Lizzy to taste it. My wife gladly accepted the invitation and buried her tongue with her face on Joan’s field. I can hear the sound made by her licks and sucking and was burning through my chest. I was pumping my wife hard from behind while sharing a deep passionate kiss with Joan.

I can taste the bittersweet wine on her tongue but her lips were soft and gentle. My wife pulled my dick out of her vagina which was flowing with juices already. She held grabbed Joan’s hand and pulled it towards my pulsating member. Joan wrapped her warm hand around it and started to slowly jerk it off. My wife pushed Joan to kneel in front of me. Joan was directly facing my cock and gently placed it inside her mouth. It was so hot and wet. She knew what she was doing and I was really trying hard to hold my load in. My wife took Joan’s place on the couch and took my hand and asked me to finger her. I of course followed her. I can’t even think straight and I laid Joan on the couch, I climbed on top of her and put my penis inside her juicy pussy. I buried my face on my wife’s vagina and we three shared the ecstasy and bliss of the moment. Joan and Lizzy traded places once again, a few more minutes of inexplicable paradise and I can’t control myself. I was going to explode. I few more pumps and I unloaded inside Lizzy’s womb. Joan climbed down the couch and took my cock in her mouth cleaning whatever that’s left of me. I leaned down to kiss my wife. The excitement was too much that we did it another time that night.

I was too tired that night to even discuss it with my wife so the next day we had talked about it. We were okay with it, and she jokingly said that the next time, it was my turn to bring a friend. I just hope she was joking.

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